ACORDASIA has special expertise in building public participation & public awareness for large Public Projects. ACORDASIA adopts various technologies and tools such as infotainment Radio Programmes, Films, Flash Cards, Flannel Graphs, Street plays, TV messages and multi-stakeholder workshops. ACORDASIA has undertaken major projects in this area, for example:

  • Solid Waste Management
  • Yamuna Action Plan

ACORDASIA’s services were provided for a “Public Participation and Public Awareness Programme” under Yamuna Action Plan – I. The main objective of this project was to create public awareness and educate citizens of Delhi on current status of the Yamuna River and sources of its pollution. The other objective was promoting usage of Community Toilet Complexes (CTC) and educating the public on the effective usage and maintenance of CTC; and also building the capacity of the Operation & Maintenance (O & M) Agencies for maintenance of CTCs with community participation.

ACORDASIA designed & conducted various participative workshops/events; developed public awareness materials; conducted special Awareness Programmes for Communities; developed a Film & Street Plays; and also developed & aired 59 Episodes of a weekly AIR-FM Radio Programme - `Kinare-Kinare ’on the Yamuna River.

ACORDASIA also provided its services for a project titled “Upgrading Environment Quality of Delhi”. The project focused upon improving the status of Solid Waste Management in the Capital city. The main objectives of the project were :

to set-up a participatory, decentralized, low cost and eco-friendly systems of Solid Waste Management;

improve the quality of life of the persons engaged in handling waste;

increase the ‘Green Cover’.

The major achievement of the project was in the area of enhanced awareness among the stakeholders about the need for efficient management of domestic and institutional solid waste, and its relationship with creating a healthy environment.

ACORDASIA designed and conducted various workshops with different stake-holders based on “large-group dynamics”, developed various communication materials, developed two Films and a Tele-spot on Environment; organized Street Plays, Rallies, and Melas; conducted various competitions, in addition to developing and airing of a weekly AIR-FM Programme titled, “Aao Dilli Savarein”.

Some of the organizations who have utilized ACORDASIA’s Services in PPA, are:

  • United Nations Development programme (UNDP)
  • Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA)
  • The Ministry of Environment & Forests (GOI)

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