Since 1994 ACORDASIA has been running a Poverty Alleviation and Women’s Empowerment Project in Bharatpur District, Rajasthan.

Only those who are below the poverty line, or on the border line, are brought into this project of Livelihood through her own enterprise.

In 2 or 3 years time the beneficiaries family income increases 30 – 50% per annum.

TANGIBLE BENEFITS EXPERIENCED (Names changed for confidentiality) :
  • Before taking material on loan from ACORDASIA, we ate ‘Roti with Chatni’ but now we are able to manage ‘fruits & vegetables’ also”, says Rajender of village Noh.

  • I enrolled my sisters in ACORDASIA’s Paripurna Mahila Course – (Empowered Women’s Course). I am confident that under ACORDASIA enlightened guidance, they will succeed in life”, says Manbehari of village Bachamdi.

  • Before starting the enterprise of cloth trading, I was dependent on my natal house for clothes. Now, I buy clothes for myself, says Sunita of village Sonari”.

  • By taking a loan for goat rearing, we were able to sustain our life in a better way, and also provide ‘nutritious food’ for the family, including ‘Milk’, says Sita Devi of village Madarpur.

  • Almost all of the beneficiaries had brought about improvement in their housing status. Some had reconstructed their houses, and some added additional rooms, while some others had converted their ‘Kaccha’ houses or shops, into ‘Pucca’ structure, which means that they have gone in for permanent roofs with brick and mortar material. “Earlier my provision store was in a shed, but now after taking material on loan, I converted it into a brick structure, and at present I have material worth Rs.25,000/- to Rs.35,000/- in my shop”, says Nar Dev of village Nangla Lodha.

  • Earlier, I was very hesitant while communicating, but after getting associated with ACORDASIA, I have attended various meetings, which has made me self-confident and extrovert”, says Anguri Devi of village Sonari.

  • After starting my own provision store, I have become self-reliant, and do not hesitate while communicating with outsiders”, says Sharda of village Burso.

  • After getting associated with ACORDASIA, I am known to the market, and can now got to Bharatpur on my own”, says Ishwari Devi of village Madarpur.


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