Human Resource Development

For HRD, some of the major areas of ACORDASIA’s work, since 1981 have been: Top Team Development, Motivation Measurement & Training, Leadership Evaluation and Development, Behavioural Sciences Applications, Communication, Personal Growth & Development, Assessment Centres, Interviewing Skills, Psychometric Profiling, and Selection/Promotion based on scientific prediction of future performance.

Utilizing proven global “best practices” to enhance top-team effectiveness, ACORDASIA has successfully facilitated top teams of various organizations to improve their own performance, as well as organization results.

ACORDASIA has helped several top teams and senior teams by using the McClelland Model of Experiential Training in developing the “intrinsic motivation” to improve results. The same model has been successfully used to enhance the Manager’s Persuasive Power and Leadership Effectiveness, as well as to transform “managers” or “administrators” into “enterprising leaders”.

Workers’ Attitude, Behaviour, and Inter-personal communication, as well as worker- management relationship often pose a major challenge. ACORDASIA adopts a multi-dimensional approach to achieve significant improvement in this aspect. Projective Techniques, Psycho-drama, Bio-energetic & several other experiential methods are used by ACORDASIA.

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