Predicting Future Performance

Selection of the right people for the right slot poses a constant challenge to all organizations. Each selection decision is `FORECAST’ decision – it is a prediction of future performance and results, and not just a mere evaluation of past experience or qualifications. Similarly, each rejection decision is a forecast decision of future non-performance. Most professionally managed organizations are now relying on a multi-pronged approach to heighten the predictive power of their decisions to attract and retain the best talent. One of the most effective approaches to prediction is psychological testing.

ACORDASIA’s services have been used by several companies both for selection, and promotion, using scientific tools and methods, (tested globally for their reliability and validity) that can reliably predict future performance.


ACORDASIA recommends a comprehensive battery of psychological tests based on Job Analysis, McClelland’s Model of Motivation, Reddin’s Model of Three-Dimensional Leadership and Gordon’s Theory of Personality. This package gives vital information on :

  • What is the predominant “inner-drive” of a person?

  • Is the person deeply committed to getting results or something else?

  • What is the managerial style profile that he/she is likely to adopt?

  • What is the personality profile of the person?

  • How does he/she score on emotional stability, extraversion, creativity, responsibility, vigor etc.

  • A variety of other job related characteristics (esp. attitude and behaviour likely to be displayed on the job).
ACORDASIA offers various services in Psychological Assessment like :
  • Identifying precise psychological instruments best suited to client requirement
  • Developing packages of selection tests custom built to client needs
  • Administering and analyzing test scores and giving recommendation on an individual or group basis
  • Training HRD professionals on test administration and analysis.

Some of the companies which have, used ACORDASIA’s services include DCM Ltd., Hindustan Lever Limited, Airtel, DFID, UNFPA, Dalmia Industries, HCL etc.

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