Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

ACORDASIA has been working in the CSR domain areas since 1983, as a registered not-for-profit Society.

ACORDASIA has a long and extensive result-oriented experience in the following areas (listed in the Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013)

1. Poverty Reduction through Micro-enterprises :

ACORDASIA has been focusing on poverty reduction through developing micro-enterprise for poor rural women in 27 villages of the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. To lift poor women & their families above the poverty lines on a sustainable basis. The project was initiated in 1994 with a grant from NORAD. The women in this area have not only been able to develop micro-enterprise capability, but also double family income on average, and make a sustained change in their living standard and quality of life. The processes and facts have been documented in a book titled "Empowering Rural Women : Micro-enterprise Through Achievement Motivation", authored by Dr. (Ms.) Kiron Wadhera and Prof. George Koreth, published by SAGE in January 2012.

2. Training & Capacity Building for implementation of projects to reduce/eradicate Malnutrition specially among children and young mothers :

This includes development of appropriate audio-visual aids and training manuals. Presently ACORDASIA has also designed and conducted training and capacity-building for community volunteers.

3. Health & Sanitation :

ACORDASIA has undertaken the following training, education & model building projects in the areas of Health and Sanitation over the past 3 decades :

  • "Water for Millions" project.
  • "Relationship between consumption of polluted water and health"
  • "Creating Conditions for Faster Fertility Reduction"
  • "Influencing Informed Family Choices & Participation in Reproductive Health Care"
  • "Reproductive Health Education",
  • "Environment management through Waste Management"

4. Skill-building & Livelihood Enhancement :

  • ACORDASIA has organized Income Generation and Skill training Projects for Women & Youth, covering the following vocational/skill training :
    • Training for Electricians
    • Training for Plumbers
    • Training for T.V. Repairing
    • Training for Masonry Skills
    • Training for Auto-Bulb-making
  • Vocational Training on Cutting, Tailoring, Making Laces, and Hand and Machine Embroidery, to the rural women in Pilibhit (U.P.).
  • "Jan Swasthya": Distance–Learning Vocational Certificate Course on 'Community Health', titled "Jan Swasthya", in collaboration with the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).

5. Gender Equality & Empowering Women :

ACORDASIA has undertaken the following training, education & model building projects in the areas of Health and Sanitation over the past 3 decades :

  • Gender Sensitization to enhance women’s participation in Panchayat bodies.
  • Gender Sensitisation in Agriculture
  • Gender Sensitisation in Legal Rights & Governance
  • Gender Sensitisation & Family Health Education
  • Capacity-building of Police Personnel for gender sensitization and women’s rights, at Police Training Institute, Jharodakalan, Delhi.
  • Women’s Empowerment through Livestock Asset-Building,
  • Para-legal Literacy on Women’s Rights
  • Certificate Course – “Paripurna Mahila” : a Certificate Course on Women’s Empowerment in collaboration with National Institute of Open Schooling(NIOS).

6. Environment :

ACORDASIA successfully implemented the following projects in the areas of Environment and Solid Waste Management :

  • Public Participation & Public Awareness Building – Yamuna Action Plan I & II :
  • “Solid Waste Management” (SWM) in Kuppam (Chittoor District), Andhra Pradesh.
  • “Facilitating Improved Solid Waste Management” at Bharatpur (Rajasthan).
  • “Upgrading Environment Quality of Delhi”
  • “Domestic Waste Management and Recycling in a Basti (Harkesh Nagar) on the outskirts of Delhi”.

7. ACORDASIA Service Capability for CSR :

Based on 30 years of experience and expertise, ACORDASIA can also provide the following services in the field of CSR to companies, foundations/trusts :

  • CSR Community Survey-research
  • CSR Project design;
  • CSR Staff training and Capacity-building;
  • CSR Monitoring & evaluation;
  • NGO rating and evaluation for CSR;
  • Proving field-tested projects for scale-up to corporates in poverty-reduction, skill-building, health, sanitation etc.
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