Communication Material Development

ACORDASIA specializes in designing, scripting, and developing a variety of communication materials and processes. This is tailor-made to suit the requirements of specific audiences and community groups (rural as well as urban), for projects in social change, behavioral and attitude change, and achieving development goals, in social and socio-economic sectors of rural and urban communities. The Key steps are :

  • Understanding the "culture" or "Sub-Culture" of the community
  • Preliminary design and Scripting
  • Pilot-testing & FGD's
  • Feedback and analysis
  • Re-Design and Re-Scripting
  • Field-Testing
  • Production
  • Training of Trainess/Communication in Participative Methods
  • Roll-Out
  • Survey of Impact


Audio Cassette

  • Immunization (06 Songs, 01 Play), Sanitation (02 Songs),  Clean Drinking Water (01 Song)
    The songs & Play highlight the importance of Immunization and the consequences, if not adhered to. They also highlight the importance of personal and environmental Sanitation. Hindi
  • Reproductive Health (06 Songs, Doha’s, 02 Plays)
    The songs , plays, doha’s depict the issues relating to Reproductive Health and emphasize on nature’s law on reproduction. Hindi
  • Age of Marriage (04 songs, 01 play)
  • The educative songs on Gender Sensitization and Age of Marriage make women more aware of their status and empower them. Hindi
  • Agriculture (17 Songs, 05 plays)
    The educative songs and plays describe the improved methods of performing various Agricultural Operations from soil testing to post- harvest. Hindi
  • Legal Rights (07 songs, 01 plays)
    The songs are based on women’s Legal Rights dealing with criminal, constitutional, marriage and property laws. Hindi
  • Panchayati Raj (03 songs)
    Songs are based on 73rd Amendment to the Constitution. They aim at activating women’s decision making role. Hindi
  • Gender issue (03 Songs)
    The songs and plays depict the Empowerment of women. Hindi, Telugu & Gujarati
  • CDs on Environment (Jingle & Audio Songs)
  • Aao Dilli Savarein Half an hour weekly programme broadcast on Radio (AIR-FM) every Sunday from 11:30 a.m. -12:00 noon. It is an Educational Entertainment Programme. Hindi
  • Kinare Kinare  Half an hour weekly programme broadcast on Radio (AIR-FM) every Friday from 6.30 pm-7.30 pm (under PPA component of YAP I & II – ( till 11th June 2010). The goal of the programme was to raise awareness and concern amongst people living in Delhi and neighboring states by providing data and information on various factors affecting the quality of river Yamuna. Hindi
  • Dilli Rahe Roshan Half an hour weekly programme was broadcast on Radio (AIR-FM) every Friday from 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm (from Oct 28, 2011 to April 6, 2012) provided information/basic facts about the power distribution by the 3 DISCOMs in the city.
  • Qawwali on Safety from Electricity. Hindi
  • Jingle on Safety from Electricity. Hindi

Radio Programmes:

  • What’s Up Delhi  - ‘What’s Up Delhi’ is our latest format where initially in the first 8 episodes we focussed on the power sector at the request of BSES (Reliance Power Ltd. and Yamuna Power Ltd.), and later we have taken up different issues under ‘Jan Chaitanya’ project. This programme is broadcast every Saturday from 12 Noon to 12:15 pm.
  • Dilli Rahe Roshan - This half an hour weekly programme was broadcast on Radio (AIR-FM) every Friday from 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm (from Oct 28, 2011 to April 6, 2012) and provided information/basic facts about the power distribution by the 3 DISCOMs in the city.
  • Aao Dilli Sawarein - ‘Aao Dilli Sawarein’ was an infotainment programme which gave information on various topics and concerns to citizens of Delhi, in an interesting and attention-grabbing way. The programme was broadcast every Sunday from 11.30 a.m. to 12.00 Noon on AIR FM Rainbow Channel (102.6 MHz) since 2000. A total of 667 episodes were aired till 21 April 13. It had four sections as follows-
    • Bujho to Jane,
    • Suniye Inki Baat,
    • Meri Dilli Main hi Sawaroon,
    • Humein Kuch Kahna Hai/Aapki Awaaz

    This radio programme was widely heard and appreciated in and around Delhi as it contains lot of relevant information.

  • 'Kinare- Kinare' on river Yamuna - This half an hour radio programme was broadcast every Friday (from 11:00 am to 11:30 am) on AIR FM Rainbow channel (102.6 MHz) from October 2001 to November 2002 (under YAP I) and at 6:30 pm from April 2008 to June 2010 (under YAP II). The purpose was to raise awareness and concern amongst people living in Delhi and neighbouring States by providing data and information on various factors affecting the quality of river Yamuna. The target group was general public, of all age groups residing in Delhi NCR and other states, where FM Rainbow reaches.

Video Cassette

  • Pehla Kadam: A film on ACORDASIA’s Micro-Enterprise Development Programme. The film documents the “non-cash” micro-enterprise processes & systems, the wide range of activities being pursued by the beneficiaries, social dimensions of the project and its major achievements. English & Hindi
  • Sabalta Ki Siddi: An interactive film depicting seven mile-stones of “Women Empowerment”, most suited for “Training of Trainers”, and also grass-root training. Gujarati, English, Telugu & Hindi
  • Sahi Kadam: Details an incidence of Sexual Violence on women, through rural based story. It outlines the critical steps to be taken following rape, to ensure justice. Hindi
  • Sachaai: It highlights the myths that people have about the involvement of both genders in agriculture, and sensitizes them towards putting things into proper perspective. Best suited for training in improved, scientific farming. Hindi
  • Vikalp : An interactive and motivational film on “Gender and Reproductive Health”. Best suited for training. Hindi
  • Kaash: The film revolves around the life of a Municipal Sanitary Worker who handles city garbage. Through an emotional appeal, it sensitizes the viewers about the relationship between the day-to-day practices of the sanitary worker and his/her health. It can be effectively used for training them in safe, health-protective practices. Available on CD Also. Hindi
  • Guddi: The film portrays different views steeped in traditional values as well as those which are progressive. It presents the sources of support and the relevant Legal Remedies which any person in a similar situation can avail. Hindi
  • Ab Samjhe: The Film portrays the significance of male support at every critical stage of life of a woman, from childhood to adulthood, as regards Women’s Health. Hindi
  • Vayavahar: The film specifies “Inter-personal relationship and Communication Behavior”. Hindi
  • Surakshit Shauch: A developmental visual on the concept and technique of Twin Pit Toilets & related benefits. Hindi
  • Maan Gaye: A motivational film on environment. In a very natural but persuasive way it depicts how children are able to follow Environment Friendly Practices. Hindi. Available on CD Also. Hindi
  • Swach Dilli Ki Ore: A Documentation Film on “Domestic Solid Waste Management Project”. Hindi
  • Documentation on “Yamuna Yatra” (for Yamuna Action Plan - MCD project)
  • “Kinare Yamuna Ke” – a motivational film on Yamuna pollution.
  • “Arpit Yamuna Ko” – a film of an event to change idol immersion practices.
  • “Zahira Ka Sapna” – a film on safety from electricity.
  • “Khurana Gharana” – a film on using energy saving electric equipments.
  • “DRONA” – Training Simulator has been designed with an idea to suit every aspect of Power Distribution Business. It is a software application to give an overall picture of various departments, Technical equipments, and their functioning and proper operating process.
  • “MIDAS” – Modular Integrated Distribution Automation System (MIDAS) is automation of 11KV/415V distribution substation so as to remotely monitor health of the equipments and also locate the fault in 11 KV network. It is in fact a key enabler towards Smart Grid. MIDAS predicts a fault prior to its creation and automatically informs the concerned person via SMS’s. It is easy to use and economic to implement.

Street Play

  • “Ek Boond Pani Ki” – ACORDASIA scripted, developed and conducted the street plays in different parts of the city, to raise awareness and communicate the water concern regarding the quality and pollution issues, related to River Yamuna.

Visual Aids/Flash Cards (for Public Awareness / Public Education / Public Motivation)

  • Participatory Learning Tool on “Domestic Solid Waste Management”
  • “Reproductive Health”.
  • “Gender Sensitization”.
  • “Malaria Prevention”.
  • “Diarrhea Prevention & Treatment”.
  • “Tetanus Prevention”.
  • Flash cards on “Clean Water and Health”.
  • Posters on “Domestic Solid Waste Management”.
  • Pollution in River Yamuna in Delhi.
  • Training Manual on Mother and Child Care Capacity Building for health workers in villages.

ACORDASIA has the capability to design and develop traditional and modern communication material for any new sector, community, or application, for information, education, and motivation.

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