Board of Governors

Prof. M.D.G. Koreth (Chairman)
Change Management, Organisation
Development & Human Resource
Fr. T.V. Kunnunkal
(Vice Chairman), Educationist
Mr. Vinay Singhal
Industrial Management, Sales Marketing
Dr. Sarla Gopalan (IAS Retd.)
Administrative System Specialist
Mr. S. Regunathan
Good Governance &
Change Management
Dr. Kiron Wadhera
Change Management, Organisation
Development & Media
Mr. Arun Seth
Technology Management & Marketing Management
Some of the Former Members of the Board of Governors
Mr. Shiv Nadar Dr. I.Z. Bhatty
Mr. Arjun Malhotra Dr. Karuna Chanana
Mr. Ashok Malhotra Dr. Vibha Parthasarathy
Dr. Abad Ahmed
Dr. N.R. Sheth
Dr. S. Neelamegham
Prof. Udai Pareek
Mr. R.N. Kapoor
Mr. Vikram Mehmi
Mr. R. S. Ramanathan
Mr. B.M. Kapur
was the first Executive Director of ACORDASIA, and the Ex-Officio Member of the Board of Governors.
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