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ACORDASIA (Asian Centre for Organisation Research and Development (Society)) was set up in July 1981. On 30th April 1983, it became a Registered Society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. ACORDASIA provides its services to a wide range of organizations: Central & State Governments, Social Development sectors, Urban & Rural organizations/ communities, and Bilateral/International Development Organisations and to the CSR of companies.

ACORDASIA focusses on participatory change-management, organization development, performance improvement, good governance, human resource development, projects in health, water, sanitation, education, environment, poverty allivation, citizen's partnership with government and urban/rural development, with its Head office in Delhi and work in almost all states of India, as well as Nepal and Bangladesh.

ACORDASIA has pioneered in researching several global “best-practices” and “proven-models”, testing/adapting them for practical application, to achieve break-throughs in the client performance and results. ACORDASIA provides consulting, training, coaching, psychometrics, and survey-research, to help improve individual, team, and organization performance. ACORDASIAs works with central and state governments, and social development projects (both urban and rural). In addition to formal, structured organisations, ACORDASIA also works with city-wide change proceses, through “large-group dynamics” and “future-search” processes, involving all stake-holders participatively. ACORDASIA has built a strong expertise in Survey Research (both Qualitative & Quantative) covering almost any sector, issue or stakeholder groups. ACORDASIA has developed innovative communication tools, techniques, and content, for IEC and public participation/public awareness and social change.

ACORDASIA's approach is essentially client-centered & participative, with a focus on capacity-building and developing internal resources, systems, and cultures, appropriate to the client-organisation’s strategies and objectives.

ACORDASIA undertakes field projects to focus on effectiveness, replicability, and sustainability, and directly works in the areas of Environment, Health, Education, Poverty Alleviation Governance, Para-legal Literacy, Gender Sensitization, Distance learning, Human Resource Development and Organisation Effectiveness. 

ACORDASIA works on assignments and projects both directly and with networking partners. We believe strongly in Networking, Collaboration, and Strategic alliances.

ACORDASIA has an eminent professional Governing Board, that provides vision and policy direction. The Board is headed by the Chairman, (Prof.) M.D.G. Koreth, has a vast years of experience in Change Management, Strategic Planning, and Human Development. ACORDASIA's former President & CEO, Dr. Kiron Wadhera, (who is now Member of the Board) has elaborate experience in Organization Development, Communication, Training, and Socio-Economic Development. Board Members also work as Senior Advisers to several projects (CV’s are attached).

ACORDASIA has FCRA clearance since 1988 making it eligible to receive international development funds, and implement internationally funded development projects.

ACORDASIA has a multi-disciplinary team of around 30 people drawn from professions like Management, Extension Education, Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Urban & Regional Planning, Architecture, Public Administration, Economics, Statistics, Communication, Environment Science etc. It also has a panel of professional consultants from Health, Demography, Governance, Finance & Engineering backgrounds & large team of over 100 trained Volunteers is available for survey research and community work.

ACORDASIA has worked with large and small organizations, ranging from bilateral organizations, UN Agencies, Grass-root level NGOs, to Government, Urban/Rural Sectors and International Development Organizations throughout the country.

ACORDASIA has a livelihood field Project in 23 villages of sewar Block, Bharatpur district (Rajasthan) helping women and youth improve the standard of living and quality of life.

Over the last 3 decades, ACORDASIA has provided its services in almost all parts of the India, and also to some neighboring countries, as well as the USA, and various United Nations Organisations.

Presently, ACORDASIA focusses on performance improvement, participatory change-management, organization development, good governance, human resource development, and urban/rural development, managing projects in health, water, sanitation, solid-waste management, public participation in socio-technical projects, and city-wide change (in Delhi & Jaipur).

ACORDASIA has pioneered in pilot-testing several global “best-practices” and “proven-processes”, pilot – testing & adapting them for practical application in India, to achieve break-throughs in the above fields.

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