Radio programme : Aao Dilli Sawarein

The Government of Delhi has sponsored this half an hour Radio Programme on AIR FM Rainbow which aims on imparting information and knowledge about various departmental initiatives and activities undertaken by the Delhi Government under ‘Bhagidari’. Aao Dilli Sawarein is an infotainment programme which gives information on various topics and concerns to citizens of Delhi, in an interesting and attention-grabbing way. Member Board of Governors, Dr Kiron Wadhera writes the scripts and anchors this radio programme. This radio programme is broadcast every Sunday from 11.30 AM to 12.00 noon.

Most of the times they are topical, for example, before Holi the theme of the episode is on avoiding chemical colours and to use/prepare herbal colours. The script is developed on a topical theme formulating dialogues for characters in the script. Special efforts are made to keep the language simple and clear with a dash of fun to make it amusing and entertaining. Strategies are adopted not only to draw the attention of listeners to hear the programme but also to participate in it by responding to the Quiz and question. It has four sections as follows,

  • Bhujho to Jane,
  • Suniye Inki Baat,
  • Meri Dilli Main hi Sawaroon,
  • Humein Kuch Kahna Hai/Aapki Awaaz

This radio programme is widely heard and appreciated in and around Delhi as it contains lot of relevant information.

Audio Programme :

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