ACORDASIA is a non-profit Society (registered in 1983) with over 30+ years of experience in designing and implementing specific projects in the following fields :

  • Health:
    - Improving nutritional parameters
    - Mother & child health improvement
    - Clean drinking water – usage & practice
    - Personal Family Toilets
    - Awareness on Health and Sanitation

  • Immunization for preventive health care.

  • Public Health education in several fields, e.g.:
    - Malnutrition prevention
    - Water-borne diseases,
    - Vector-borne diseases,
    - Anemia prevention & treatment.
    - Environment and Health

  • Reproductive health :  training and education.

  • Training & Capacity Building for Doctors, and ANMs on Reproductive Health Programme.

ACORDASIA has extensive experience in the following aspects of community-health projects:

  • Careful Project Design – to focus on outcomes, impact, processes, and sustainability, both directly and through other NGOs.
  • Working closely with the communities, their informal/formal leadership, and all stake-holders.
  • Training of field-work staff and supervisors.
  • Alignment of Medical Practitioners with the culture and sub-cultures of the communities.
  • Developing and applying monitoring systems, to generate and use feedback.
  • Utilizing clear parameters, both in-process and end-points, for evaluating the progress and performance of the project.
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